Namits recognize the need to provide our customers with reliable and accurate information

Namits deliver a total package to handle all needs from equipment to data capture analysis and reporting, and we provide this for an extensive range of applications across a wide range of Industries including

Power Stations : Turbines : Desuperheaters: Steam Pipes

Manufacturing Industries: Discharge lines

Drainage and Sewerage  :  Pre – rehabilitation surveys : Shaft to mains

CCTV packages : Sewer and Stormwater asset management systems

Building Industry : Wall  and ceiling cavities : downpipes :  void areas : ducting : chimneys : electrical conduits

Namits Provides


  • Inspections of pipelines from relined 150mm (130mm) up to pipe sizes of 1500mm with a single setup. To accomplish this with other systems you would require up to 3x different sized Crawlers, 2x different sized Cameras with lifting devices & additional lighting attachments. saving set up time onsite

  • “Progressive Still Motion Capture Technology” takes 25 hi res images per second with a shutter speed of 0.0005 secs (80 times faster than video). Enables the ability to create still images from any one image captured that can be zoomed without blurring or distortion regardless of the camera’s movement at the time of capture (Standard video capture is 24 frames per second with an exposure rate of 0.04 secs)

  • Strobe lighting synchronised with the camera resulting in 80% power reduction

  • “Human-eye” perspective. The camera electronically automatically corrects the rotation of the CCD ensuring that the image is always the right way up regardless of the cameras orientation or clock reference.

  • 4x 30w optically controlled EC brushless motors, 1 for each wheel offering 50% more power than others. The motors are all direct drive onto the wheels without the need for drive trains or chains eliminating the inherent power and torque reduction experienced by other systems. Enhanced ability to climb and navigate obstacles

  • Multi directional gyroscope registers and graphically represents on screen the pitch and roll of the tractor – shows exactly where the tractor is positioned in the pipe invert

  • Camera will automatically centre itself in the pipe upon commencement of survey

  • Fully automatic dispensing, rewinding and self layering 320M portable cable drum that is light enough to be moved by hand (32kg) . Others offer 300M cable drums however they can weigh over 100kg, are not portable and require mounting into a vehicle

  • The cable drum also has the patented Kummert tensioning arm that automatically ensures consistent slack in the cable without the need for user interaction.

  • Full tractor control interface on the cable drum   

  • Live 3D mapping of the inspected pipe network

  • All reporting provided in WinCan format